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    The information of stocks that lost in prices are displayed on an electronic board inside the n Securities Exchange, operated by ASX Ltd., in Sydney, , on Friday, July 24, 2015. The n dollar slumped last week as a gauge of Chinese manufacturing unexpectedly contracted, aggravating the impact of declines in copper and iron ore prices. Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg MARKETS. 7 JUNE 2011. AFR PIC BY PETER BRAIG. STOCK EXCHANGE, SYDNEY, STOCKS. GENERIC PIC. ASX. STOCKMARKET. MARKET.
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    Stock information is displayed on an electronic board inside the n Securities Exchange, operated by ASX Ltd., in Sydney, , on Friday, July 24, 2015. The n dollar slumped last week as a gauge of Chinese manufacturing unexpectedly contracted, aggravating the impact of declines in copper and iron ore prices. Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg

    There just aren’t any bears left in the room, or at least they aren’t prepared to act in any meaningful way and this seems logical (at this juncture), as swimming against the tide and going against this steamroller is a low probability outcome, although one has to be concerned at just how much short-term goodwill is in the price.

    1. Wall Street: The S&P 500 is pushing higher by another 30 basis points (bp) and while the year is only six trading sessions deep, we haven’t had a negative close so far in 2018. The rotation into US financials continues in earnest and the XLF ETF (US financial sector ETF), which has been a trade I have been keen on for some time is gaining a further 1.1%, with strong inflows here ahead of JPM, PNC and WFC reporting quarterly earnings later this week. Of course, it’s not just about pre-positioning ahead of earnings, as the more dominant theme is one of a macro focus and not specifically a bottom-up story, although owning Bank of America (BAC) or Goldman Sachs (GS) and taking a 2-3 year view still makes a lot of sense to me based on the fundamentals. That macro view is one of reflation and we have seen US Treasuries go on sale here, with the long-end of the curve taking a hit and having a few in the market asking whether this is genuinely the end of 30-year bull run for fixed income.

    2. Work to be done: The 10-year US Treasury has pushed up 5bp and through supply at 2.50% and this puts the benchmark bond on a collision course for the December 2016 highs of 2.63%. The move in the back-end of the curve has naturally steepened the Treasury yield curve, and we can see the difference between 2 and 10-year Treasury widening the most since November 2016 and of course this only incentivises buying of US banks and will probably also enthuse the Federal Reserve, who as we know are watching the Treasury curve intently.

    My own view on whether this is the end of the bull market is that there is still much work to be done and we really need to see the yield actually close the month of January above the longer-term downtrend at 2.63% to feel this has genuine legs. As we saw in 2007 the yield traded above the downtrend on a number of occasions but failed to close above the trend and buyers had the last laugh.

    Still, it hasn’t just been nominal bond yields that are moving higher, but inflation expectations have also moved up and this has kept ‘real’ (or inflation adjusted yields) steady, which is why tech stocks are failing to really respond and the FANG basket is largely unchanged. Inflation expectations, are on the rise in the US and this has to be monitored, with US 10-year ‘breakevens’ (or the difference between 10-year Treasury’s and 10-year TIPS or Treasury inflation protected securities) up 2bp on the day and 2.04% are at the highest levels since March 2017.

    I suggested in mid-November to play rising inflation expectations through the ETF market and to look at the INFU ETF (Lyxor US 10-year inflation expectations) and this working nicely and I continue to target the 105 level over the medium-term.

    3. US data: US data has hardly inspired with the NFIB small business optimism index coming in below expectations at 104.9 (vs expectation of 107.8), while the jobs opening report (or ‘JOLTS’) was also a touch under. Of course, the driver of overnight market dynamics is oil, although the irony of this situation is traders and investors are playing a 2% move higher in oil through buying the commodity itself, or through various side effects of higher oil, such as higher inflation expectations and financials.

    4. Oil higher: Energy stocks have actually taken a back seat, with the S&P 500 energy sector largely unchanged despite US crude breaking out to the highest levels since 2014, with price closing just shy of $US63. This takes the gains in US crude to around 50% since the June lows and the traffic has really been one-way and price is now 10% above the consensus estimates for Q4’18. On one hand oil traders are getting quite excited bout tonight’s DoE inventory report (due at 02:30 aedt), where the consensus is we see a 3.4 million barrel draw in crude stocks, yet a 3.03 million barrel build in gasoline inventories. At the same time we have seen the EIA revise up its forecast for 2018 oil demand growth by 470,000 bpd. One suspects the systematic futures traders (or ‘CTA’s) would be all over this move higher too as their rules based style would be dictated by the strong underlying trend. Hard to be anything else but long crude here, although the elastic band is stretched and price is vulnerable should inventories disappoint.

    5. ASX: So US equities, and to an extent European equities have inspired, as has credit, where high yield corporate credit continues to find buyers, despite the high yield index at the strongest levels since 2014. Aussie SPI futures have followed these moves in appreciation and we see the futures market sitting up 18 points at 6106 and so our opening call for the ASX 200 sits up at 6153. So a new high in the index should eventuate on open, although whether price can hold these levels is yet to be seen. That said, Aussie financials look set to open around 30 to 40bp higher here and that will initially support.

    6. Stocks to watch: BHP’s ADR suggests the miner opens 0.8% higher and the ASX materials sector, along with ASX energy should build on the 3.5% YTD performance. That said, outside of crude we can see a 1% gain for spot iron ore to $78.47, but follow-through USD strength (the USD index has gained 0.2%) has weighed on copper and gold, while iron ore and steel futures (on the Dalian exchange) are modestly lower.

    7. What’s on today: The event risk in the day ahead is mostly focus on China and this should later sentiment towards Aussie stocks to any great extent, with domestic November job vacancies not likely to get much focus. In China, we get December CPI (expected at 1.9%) and producer price inflation or PPI (4.8% eyed), although I would be more interested in moves in the yuan today given the PBoC have adjusted the methodology and the inputs by which the daily ‘fixing’ is calculated and in theory could lead to a short-term weakening of the CNY, which could keep the upside move in the USD on track.

    8. Market watch:

    SPI futures up 18 points or 0.3% to 6106

    AUD -0.3% to 78.19 US cents

    On Wall St: Dow +0.6%, S&P 500 +0.3%, Nasdaq +0.3%

    In New York, BHP +1.1% Rio +0.8%

    In Europe: Stoxx 50 +0.2%, FTSE +0.5%, CAC +0.7%, DAX +0.1%

    Spot gold -0.6% to $US1312.73 an ounce

    Brent crude +1.6% to $US68.83 a barrel

    US oil +2% to $US62.98 a barrel

    Iron ore +1% to $US78.47 a tonne

    Dalian iron ore -0.5% to 555.5 yuan

    LME aluminium -1% to $US2152.50 a tonne

    LME copper -0.3% to $US7101 a tonne

    10-year bond yield: US 2.53%, Germany 0.46%, 2.67%

    This column was produced in commercial partnership between Fairfax Media and IG

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    People arrive at St Marys Catholic Church for the funeral of Annabelle Falkholt and her parents Lars and Vivian Falkholt, Concord, Sydney. 10th January, 2018. Photo: Kate Geraghty The coffins of the Falkholt family members arrives at St Marys Catholic Church for the funeral of Annabelle Falkholt and her parents Lars and Vivian Falkholt, Concord, Sydney. 10th January, 2018. Photo: Kate Geraghty
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    Even under the buckling burden of unimaginable grief, and with the coffins carrying three of his closest relatives just metres in front of him, Paul Ponticello still somehow found the strength to think of others.

    With hundreds of mourners packed into St Mary’s Catholic Church at Concord on Wednesday to farewell Mr Ponticello’s sister, Vivian Falkholt, her husband Lars and their daughter Annabelle, Mr Ponticello began an emotional eulogy by thanking those who risked their own lives in the moments after the devastating crash that would claim his relatives.

    Strangers to the Falkholts who now hold a place in the hearts of their surviving families.

    The Falkholts were killed in a horror Boxing Day crash on the Princes Highway on the South Coast – the doting parents instantly while 21-year-old Annabelle survived for three days before succumbing to her injuries.

    Daughter and sister Jessica, 28, remains in an induced coma unaware of her family’s heartbreaking fate.

    Mr Ponticello stood tall as he thanked emergency services and four civilian rescuers who “risked their own safety to drag both Annabelle and Jessica from the wreckage just before the vehicles exploded in flames”.

    He later recounted: “The irony of this tragedy is that Lars was such a careful driver.

    “Whenever he asked me how long it would take to drive somewhere, I would suggest an average for a normal driver and then some additional time for the ‘Lars Factor’.

    “We always had a good laugh.

    “Their lives ending on a highway makes absolutely no sense.

    “We take little comfort in knowing that they are together and always will be.”

    The Falkholts were returning to Sydney following a brief holiday when they were involved in the two-car collision south of Sussex Inlet.

    “A day that will be difficult to erase from our memory,” Mr Ponticello said.

    The driver of the other car, Craig Whitall, also died in the crash.

    Mourners also prayed for Jessica, the 29-year-old actress who had been beamed into lounge rooms during her stint on Home and Away, “as she battles through her recovery”.

    Mr Ponticello told the congregation how Vivian, who was born in Italy before migrating to Sydney, found true love in Lars, who emigrated from Sweden in 1981.

    They married in 1986 before the girls arrived – Jessica in 1989 and Annabelle seven years later.

    “Lars and Vivian were both immersed in the girls’ lives and appeared to be inseparable,” Mr Ponticello said.

    He added Lars, a retired Qantas engineer who would have turned 70 last Sunday, was a brilliant husband and father.

    “[Lars] was never happier than when he was with them. Lars could paint the girls’ bedrooms, service their cars and then cook dinner for everyone all in the one day,” Mr Ponticello said.

    “That is the sort of father he was. All his friends and relatives thought that was something he would enjoy for the next 30 years.

    “But sadly it is not to be.”

    Mr Ponticello spoke fondly of his older sister.

    “Although we never lived in each other’s pockets, we had a deep mutual love and respect for each other which allowed each of us to get on with our lives,” he said.

    “I always thought that we would both grow old together knowing that we would always be there for each other.”

    Annabelle, who loved the arts and had a passion for travel, was remembered as a kind and radiant person who loved life.

    “(She is) someone who people were drawn to … she loved to laugh and the sound of it is something many of us will carry for the rest of our lives,” her close friend Brittany Macchetta told the service.

    Annabelle’s grieving boyfriend, Jordan Brohier, spent more than 15 minutes cutting a lonely and heartbreaking figure behind the hearse carrying his beloved girlfriend in a white casket, wiping his eyes as others attempted to console him.

    A service for Lars Falkholt, due to be held in Sweden later on Wednesday, will show a video of a prayer held at the Concord service.

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    is considered one of the most stable countries in the world for real estate investment, a new global survey has found.
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    While the Lucky Country didn’t rate as one of the best nations for capital growth, it was ranked by foreign investors as the fifth-best country for stable and secure real estate investments.

    It came in behind the United States, Germany and Canada in the 26th annual member survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE).

    , which dropped from its fourth-place 2017 ranking, was also overtaken by Britain, with investors less worried than they had been about Brexit’s impact on the economic market. This also led to London replacing New York as the number one city for real estate investment, according to AFIRE chairman Edward Casal.

    “A year later, foreign investors are less concerned about the ramifications of Brexit,” Mr Casal said. “At the same time, the London market has been buoyed by several large sales over the last year.

    “London has a number of attributes as a location for investment, including a stable rule of law, transparency, and use of the English language. In addition, a favourable time zone for international business, deep labour pool and cultural attributes also help.”

    AFIRE members, who are among the largest institutional real estate investors in the world – estimated to have more than $2 trillion in real estate assets under management – ranked New York as the second-best city to invest in.

    Los Angeles also made the top five, as did two German cities – a first for the survey – with Berlin coming in third and Frankfurt fifth. The best spots to invest in an apartmentBogus claims about foreign investorsThe impact of foreign investment

    BIS Oxford Economics senior manager Angie Zigomanis suspected Brexit was also a major factor in growing investor interest in Frankfurt, which was ranked 13th last year.

    “If a lot of big financial groups are looking to move to Europe, to relocate from Britain, investors are picking spots where they’re likely to go. Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany is a main option.”

    Closer to home, Sydney tied with Shanghai for the title of eighth-best city for real estate investment, down from its seventh-spot ranking in 2017, which it shared with Boston, Madrid and Singapore.

    Mr Zigomanis said it wasn’t surprising that Sydney and has seen slight ranking slips, or that had failed to rank among the top five countries for capital growth: the United States, Brazil, China, Spain and Britain.

    It also failed to rank among the top countries for planned real estate investment in 2018, which were the US, Britain, Germany, Canada and France.

    ” has had a very good run, it’s avoided recession for more than 25 years and seen very strong price growth in most property classes,” he said. “It’s not surprising that people are seeing better investment opportunities elsewhere.”

    is also well behind countries such as the US and Britain when it comes to the multi-family or build-to-rent sector – which sees institutional investors build and then rent out properties, instead of selling them. This was the second-most popular property type to invest in in the US, the survey found, after industrial property.

    However Mr Zigomanis said ‘s political and economic stability, would continue to lure foreign investment.

    “Investors have to balance risk and potential for strong growth. Brazil [the number one emerging country considered by surveyed investors] is a good example – strong growth is expected on the upside, but on the flipside it’s a bigger risk to invest there.”

    “‘s not somewhere where a change of government results in massive changes to policy on foreign investment in property.”

    Interest rate risks, high valuations, oversupply in some markets and of some property types were among concerns cited by the foreign investors surveyed. They were also concerned that economic and political missteps could trigger an economic slowdown affecting the real estate market.

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    Bats ‘boiled’ alive as extreme temperatures leave hundreds dead TweetFacebookDevastating: Dead bats from the Campbelltown colony. Picture: Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in CampbelltownHundreds of dead bats were scattered on the ground and left dangling from trees after extreme heat decimated a Campbelltown colony.
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    While most Campbelltown residents did all they could to escape the heat on Sunday, several WIRES volunteersdescended on thecolonynear Campbelltown train stationas part of a mass rescue and body collection mission.

    At last count, 204 dead bats –mostly babies – had been collected, Campbelltown colony manager Kate Ryan said.

    “I don’t know how many times I bent down and got on my knees to pick up a dead baby,” Mrs Ryan said.

    “There were dead bodies everywhere.”

    Young bats are particularly susceptible to extreme heat, with temperatures above mid 30posing a health risk.

    Any temperature above 40 degreesposes a risk for adults, while temperatures above 42 degrees “will see the loss of life”.

    At 3.30pm on Sunday January 7, Campbelltown reached a maximum of44.2 degrees.

    “They basically boil,” Mrs Ryan said. “It affects their brain –their brain just fries and they become incoherent.

    “It would be like standing in the middle of a sandpit with no shade.”

    Volunteersnursed more than 100 bats back to health on site, while about 20, which were considered critical, were taken into care.

    Mrs Ryan said due to climate change, there was not much that could be done to prevent a similar incident occurring should the mercury reach the mid 40s again.

    However, she said more should and could be done to improve the colony’s habitat to give the bats a fighting chance of survival.

    “The colony is not in good shape,” she said.

    “The creek which runs through the colony is putrid so the bats don’t have anywhere to cool down and there is no ground cover. It (the site)needs a total regeneration.

    “(Campbelltown) Council need the funds (for regeneration) but if the government don’t want to provide the funds, there is not much the council can do about it.”

    The number of dead was expected to climb as volunteers returned to the site on Monday, January 8.

    Picton also has a flying fox colony however the bats were more protected from the heatthan the Campbelltown colony,environmental outcomes managerAlex Stengl said.

    “WIRES Volunteers were monitoring the bat colony at Picton over the weekend and there were no observed deaths,” she said.

    “This is believed to be due to the topography of the area where the bat colony is located, which resulted in cooler temperatures for the bats.”

    Campbelltown-Macarthur Advertiser

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    The demolition and clean-up of Thomas Foods International’s fire-damaged Murray Bridge meat works has begun.
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    Six Royal Park Salvage trucks were lined up on Lagoon Road yesterday, awaiting the tonnes of charred rubble and scorched metal that formerly made up its boning rooms and nearby facilities.

    The clean-up continued on Tuesday as the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) stepped in to supervise the removal of carcasses that had been stored in chiller rooms damaged by the fire.


    417 visa workers let goThomas Foods International fire: a timelineThecatastrophicfire at Thomas Foods’ Murray Bridge meatworks was started by a worker welding and swept through the giant meatworks on January 3.

    All employees were safely evacuated, but the factory’s largest building was destroyed.

    The carcasses will be taken to Brinkley for disposal in a lined and properly prepared cell at the landfill there.

    EPA officers will keep an eye on both ends of the process to ensure the smell does not cause any public nuisance.

    SA Health has advised that while the smells coming from the plant may be unpleasant, they are not poisonous or toxic, and should dissapate once the carcasses are removed.

    Workers clear away wreckage at Thomas Foods International on Monday. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

    Mehdi Doroudi, chair of a task force dealing with the fire’s aftermath, said regular meetings were taking place in the early stages of the clean-up and rebuilding process.

    “Access to the site is still limited and TFI is yet to complete a full assessment of the damage,” he said.

    “However, it’s now been assessed as safe to remove the carcasses which were hanging in chiller storage rooms in the abattoir at the time of the fire.

    “I commend Thomas Foods for the way they continue to handle this devastating event.

    Workers clear away wreckage at Thomas Foods International on Monday. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

    “They are working around the clock to keep staff informed, as well as reassure customers and the wider community of their commitment to move forward and rebuild.”

    In a statement, Thomas Foods said they were working with the relevant authorities to ensure the controlled and efficient removal of the carcasses as a priority.

    Counselling and support for TFI workers: Call 1800 302 787 or visit the information centre at Murray Bridge Town Hall between 8.30am and 5.30pm on weekdays.

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    Less than 48 hours after the #TimesUp Golden Globes, model Ashley Graham has spoken out about an alleged assault from her early modelling days.
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    The curvy 30-year-old appeared on popular talk show The View on Tuesday, US time, where she shared her experience as a 17-year-old allegedly being harassed and assaulted by an older, male photographic assistant.

    Model Ashley Graham has spoken on television about her experience being allegedly sexually assaulted by a photographic assistant early in her career. Photo: Charles Sykes

    “He lured me into this hallway, pushed me into a closet,” she said. “He exposed himself and he said, ‘Look at what you did to me all day long, now touch it.’

    “I freaked out and ran out of the closet and prayed no one would find out.”

    Graham had never before publicly spoken about the incident. She said if the culture towards sexual harassment then had been more supportive of women speaking out, she would have responded differently.

    “I would have smacked that guy and been like, ‘He’s a pedophile,'” she said. “I probably would have just started screaming. I would have called my agency, who knows what would have happened.”

    Graham made the revelations on the show after a discussion with co-host Whoopi Goldberg about the disgraced photographer Terry Richardson, who is accused of a string of sexual assaults and rape. Richardson has denied the allegations.

    Although Graham worked with Richardson numerous times, he never acted inappropriately to her, she said.

    “You know the rumours, you’ve heard them from everyone about him … and I said yes to the job because you want to work with the best of the best. You want those images in your portfolio. I thought I could be a victim but you don’t know walking in … on set with him it was normal enough but you had that feeling, is he going to ask me to take my shirt off?” she said.

    Graham, who was one of the strongest critics of the lack of body diversity in the Victoria’s Secret show, said the #metoo movement is effecting dramatic change.

    “The movement is working and I feel there are women who are standing up and saying, No .. and I am going to watch out for my sisters on set,” she said. “It’s my responsibility to have these hard conversations with younger girls.”

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    WEATHER: A big storm hits Tamarama Beach in the early evening, on 9 January 2018. Photo: Jessica HromasThe mop-up resumed at first light after severe thunderstorms battered the state overnight.
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    Power was cut to about 11,000 homes and businesses in western Sydney and the Illawarra on Tuesday evening, and emergency crews from Endeavour Energy worked to restore power to all but 2,100 customers just before 11pm.

    Several hundred customers across the storm-affected area would not have their power restored until Wednesday morning, Endeavour Energy said.

    The Bureau of Meteorology had issued a severe thunderstorm warning just after 6pm on Tuesday for large hailstones, damaging winds, heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding.

    Endeavour Energy said the power network suffered “extensive” damage in the bad weather, with strong winds bringing down trees onto power lines and lightning strikes damaging two substations.

    The NSW State Emergency Service received 385 requests for assistance across the state, a spokeswoman said, including136 in the Sydney area alone.

    The damage caused by the severe thunderstorms and winds was mostly related to trees and branches down, and there were no major isolated incidents, the spokeswoman said.

    “We had teams until late last night, and they will be resuming at first light,” she said.

    The SES spokeswoman said the worst hit areas outside Sydney were Bathurst, Cootamundra and Cowra.

    Thunderstorms could remain a possibility in coming days, particularly in western parts of Sydney, said Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott. Time lapse of #SydneyStorm from yesterday evening. Shelf cloud is formed when air rises ahead of thunderstorm gust front, which also generated 91km/h gust at Sydney Airport. No storms for Sydney today! pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/r47sPEDEsz??? Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales (@BOM_NSW) January 9, 2018

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    Marvel comics legend Stan Lee has been accused of groping and sexually harassing nurses who cared for him in his home.
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    It’s alleged the 95-year-old asked the nurses for “oral sex in the shower” and “to be pleasured in the bedroom”, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

    “He walks around naked and is vulgar towards the women… He uses the word p—- and f— in their presence,” an unnamed source told the publication, describing Lee as “an old man who has lost his way”.

    Marvel’s Stan Lee has been accused of sexual harassment. Photo: Adam Fulton

    “The owner at the nursing company has openly said to people that Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse that has been to the house,” the source added.

    A rep for the nursing company confirmed that its owner had received complaints from nurses about Lee’s behaviour, and that the company parted ways with the comics creator at the end of last year, the Daily Mail reports.

    No police complaints or lawsuits have been filed, but the nursing company is now in a legal dispute with Lee.

    Lee’s lawyer, Tom Lallas, said the comics creator denied the “false and despicable” claims, and suggested the allegations were part of a “shakedown”.

    “Mr Lee has received demands to pay money and threats that if he does not do so, the accuser will go to the media,” Lallas’ statement to the Daily Mail read.

    “Mr Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

    Lee – whose wife of 69 years, Joan, passed away last July, aged 93 – is credited with creating such iconic characters as Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men.

    He’s remained in the public eye in later life with projects produced by his POW! Entertainment company, comics convention appearances, and regular cameos paying tribute to his “comics godfather” reputation (he featured as Thor’s hairdresser in the recent Thor: Ragnarok).

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    London: Medical authorities in Scotland say the killer strain of flu sweeping the country did not originate from and disputed media reporting of the number of lives claimed by the infection.
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    But Scotland’s deputy chief medical officer Doctor Gregor Smith did not provide what authorities believe is the true number of deaths caused by the flu, which has swept across the entire United Kingdom, according to the online Flusurvey which maps flu cases.

    Influenza A(H3N2) is being dubbed the “Aussie flu” after it caused the highest number of infections and deaths in during the 2017 winter since the swine flu pandemic in 2009. Flu strains typically begin in the southern hemisphere and then move north, meaning any spikes recorded in the antipodean cold season are watched carefully across Europe and the United States.

    ‘s health department said the strain “seemed to undergo some change during the year,” rendering vaccinations less effective.

    The British press have been warning of the “Lurgy from Down Under” and the “Killer Aussie Flu” as cases of infection spike.

    Across the UK, 48 people have died from the flu this winter, with 24 deaths in the last week, according to the latest data from Public Health England.

    More than 1000 people have been hospitalised over the past three months; 421 people are in hospital currently, with 114 admitted last week.

    Of the 1078 people admitted over the northern hemisphere winter, 398 tested positive for influenza B, 291 tested positive for an unknown subtype of influenza A, 232 tested positive for the influenza A(H3N2) and 137 for the influenza A (H1N1) commonly known as the swine flu.

    In the same week, Scotland was alone in the UK in recording “significant excess all-cause mortality”. One in 46 Scots out of every 100,000 were suffering from the virus, comparing to 22 in every 100,000 for the same week in 2016, the government said.

    In a letter to members of the Scottish parliament, Dr Smith said Scotland had experienced a “sharp rise” in cases of people infected with the influenza A (H3N2) virus but said it was unclear whether it was the cause in the spike in deaths.

    “A small rise in all-cause mortality in the final weeks of 2017 has been reported as being a rise in ‘flu-related deaths’.”

    “It is not possible to infer this from the data available and it it soo simplistic to say it this was due to the flu,” he said.

    Furthermore, he disputed media reports that the strain sweeping the country was the “Aussie flu”.

    “There has been discussion between the Scottish government and public health experts about the experience of southern hemisphere countries such as for several months,” Dr Gregor wrote.

    “The predominant strain currently circulating Scotland is not the same strain that was predominant in .”

    He said the vaccine being offered under the NHS is a “good match” for the predominant strain and said there had been no change in the number of Scots receiving the flu jab compared to last year.

    In February 2016, the World Health Organisation, which coordinates global flu vaccine programs, updated the vaccine to include protection against the H3N2 virus as well as H1N1 and a type B virus.

    Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon pounced on the letter. Useful letter from Deputy Chief Medical Officer @DrGregorSmith about flu. ???n flu’ NOT currently predominant strain. % vaccinated same as at this stage last year. However, not too late to get vaccine – find out here if you are in an eligible group https://t苏州夜场招聘/3kth39OIr3pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/5WYVeDI6CD??? Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) January 9, 2018

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    Glenn Maxwell staked his claim for a one-day international recall but his fighting effort couldn’t mask the same old problems for the Melbourne Stars, whose season is now surely just a salvage mission after they slumped to their fifth loss from as many games on Tuesday night at Adelaide Oval.
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    Axed from ‘s ODI side last week before having his training habits questioned by captain Steve Smith, Maxwell was innovative at times on Tuesday night, hitting seven fours and one six as he compiled 60 from 39 balls, eventually falling to Peter Siddle with the last ball of the 18th over after the Stars won the toss and elected to bat. Some late hitting from captain John Hastings (17 not out from 10 balls) helped the Stars to 6-151, giving them a fighting chance.

    But forget about the “Big Show”, there weren’t enough side acts for the Stars. Half-centuries from Alex Carey and Travis Head, and some late thrashing from Colin Ingram – dropped in the deep by Maxwell with 13 balls remaining – was enough for the Strikers to secure an eight-wicket win with eight balls to spare, and move them back to the top of the ladder.

    It was something of a different looking Stars XI, with Scott Boland back in place of Michael Beer, and Seb Gotch replacing Luke Wright, who the club said had hurt his back slipping in the bathroom on Monday night.

    But despite the inclusions the early overs had an all too familiar look for the Stars. Against his former side, Ben Dunk was dismissed for one by Michael Neser, Dunk’s fourth single-digit score in five knocks this season. Having made public that this would be his last season with the Stars, Kevin Pietersen went for a wild swing and was bowled by Billy Stanlake for five, while Handscomb – wearing a shirt in which his name was missing the letter ‘S’ – looked a man short not only on letters but on time in the middle, gone for just one after top edging Ben Laughlin to be caught by wicketkeeper Carey.

    With a replacement for the injured Chris Lynn set to be announced imminently ahead of ‘s first ODI against England at the MCG on Sunday, Maxwell had the public backing of n cricket great and new national Twenty20 team assistant coach Ricky Ponting, and thrived, rescuing the struggling Stars from a seemingly dire position at 4-51 in the eighth over against the Adelaide Strikers when Marcus Stoinis fell for 39.

    Maxwell ensured it wouldn’t be a rout, but the Stars had the same old problem with the ball: they couldn’t build enough pressure with wickets. They have taken a measly seven in their past three games, not a winning formula.

    The recalled Boland was again punished, conceding 26 runs from his two overs, while Stoinis also went for more than 11 an over from his four.

    Ponting had said on Channel Ten’s coverage of the game that Maxwell should be the man to replace Lynn, but the at-times outspoken Maxwell was content to let his cricket do the talking. He wasn’t done after his efforts with the bat, combining with gloveman Peter Handscomb to end a 50-run opening stand from the Strikers, with Jake Weatherald stumped for 18, but it was all to no avail on the night.

    The Stars remain on the bottom of the ladder, with their next match against the Melbourne Renegades at Etihad Stadium on Friday night. They will lose one-day representatives Stoinis, Adam Zampa, and who knows, maybe Maxwell, for that match, although the club said it was hopeful Wright would be available to return.

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