Business feature: Technology is impacting spinal health

Tech at work: The Myovision technology at Life Rebel Chiropractic is giving a far greater understanding of the root cause of pain for patients.

Achieving optimalspinal health is the driving force behind the Life Rebel Chiropractic philosophy, so it only makes sense that practitionersDr Tim and Dr Daniel Shakespeare have embraced the latest technological tools to help their patients achieve just that.

Myovision technology is a system that measures the electrical activity of the spinal muscles, indicated by a series of graphs that show areas of the body that are damaged or under strain.

Life Rebel Chiropractic is one of the few practices in to take advantage of the technology.

It enables practitioners to geta clearerview of the root cause of pain and a better understanding of how and where to treat the body in order to restore function.

“I first heard about it while visiting Spain a few years ago,” says Tim Shakespeare.

“The busiest practice in Mallorca uses it.

“I liked its ease of use, the simplicity in conveying vital information to the patient, and the fact that it’s mobile.”

When first visiting Life Rebel, patients are scanned using the Myovision technology.

This non-invasive tool works much like a bar code scanner and is used to read the spine while the patient remainsstanding.

A stress score is given showing the amount of impact that the activated muscles are having on the body.

“Many people are fatigued and don’t know why. When you show them that the instability in their spine is causing massive amounts of subconscious muscle activity, it is no surprise that they feel this way,” Tim says.

“We see similar findings in chronic headache sufferers, and people experiencing vertigo or dizziness.

“Over-activity in the neck musculature signals us to the underlying dysfunction causing these symptoms.”

“Laying down is the best you are ever going to look, yet most of our activities are done in the upright position.

“Myovision shows the body in its adaptive state, under gravity, and therefore gives us a much clearer idea of what is going on in the body.”

The technology removes the risk of assuming that where the pain is, is the area of the body that needs to be treated, which if often far from the truth.

“So many people have been led to believe that where the pain is, is where the problem is. Often this is not the case. Take arm pain during a heart attack for instance,” adds Daniel.

Dr Daniel Shakespeare

With studies in the US stating thatthe Myovision technology gives 88.8 per cent accuracy, the American Medical Association have acknowledgedits use and it is now being used in a number of legal cases in the US.

The technologyprovides a safe mechanism for Tim and Dan to map the best possible treatment plan for their patients, adjusting the spine in the right areasto allow the body to heal and return to good health.

“It influences every aspect of our practice.

“From telling us when it is safe to adjust and when further imaging is required, to enhancing the effectiveness of our care and bringing our analysis techniques into the modern age.”

The Myovision technology is in use at Life Rebel Chiropractic at both their Carrington and East Mailtand practices.

It forms part of the initial consultation to assess the spinal health ofall patients seen.

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