January 9, 2018: the day LGBTI Chinans have been waiting for

celebations continue, the YES vote at Taylor Square, Sydney. the verdict of the postal vote on same sex marriage is YES in every state, Sexpol 15 November 2017 Photo by Louise Kennerley smhThe first crop of legal gay weddings will take place around the country on Tuesday, a month after became the 26th country to allow same-sex marriage.

While a handful of special-case ceremonies have already taken place, most couples have had to see out the statutory one month waiting period until they can actually tie the knot. The law officially changed on December 9, making Tuesday, January 9 the first day for vows to be exchanged between husband and husband, wife and wife.

Preparations were underway for weddings in Sydney’s Centennial Park, on the steps of the Western n Parliament and at an estate on the Tweed Coast, where Commonwealth Games athlete Craig Burns will wed his fiancee and fellow sprinter Luke Sullivan at the stroke of midnight.

“It’ll be a special moment to know that we’re a part of that and it’s an awesome step forward for ,” Mr Burns told the Mackay Daily Mercury. A few hours later at Perth’s Court Hotel, a special public event will kick off as the clock strikes 12 with the wedding of a local teacher and nurse.

State offices were not aware of the number of same-sex marriages taking place on Tuesday, because private celebrants are only required to inform the government after the wedding is held. But the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages confirmed it would marry a female couple at its Parramatta office on Tuesday.

Early January is not typically wedding season, and the NSW registry indicated it had more nuptials scheduled in later weeks. The City of Sydney council has so far booked in six weddings as part of its pledge to make venues available to same-sex couples free of charge for 100 days. The first is in February.

“I feel like there isn’t the great rush that people expected,” said Dorothy Harrison, chair of the Coalition of Celebrant Association. “People have had to wait a long time, they want to do it properly and plan for it. It’ll happen.”

Exemptions to the month-long waiting period have already been granted to couples who have wed in Melbourne, Kalgoorlie and the north-west coast of Tasmania. The bureaucratic bar can be lifted due to illness, family circumstances and other tribulations.

– with Lucas Baird

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