Jayden may have visited ‘mystery property’ before disappearing

Police are investigating the possibility missing NSW man Jayden Penno-Tompsett may have visited a mystery property and potentially hitchhiked back across the Queensland border before he vanished.

The 22-year-old had not been seen since New Year’s Eve after an argument broke out between mates at a roadhouse on the Flinders Highway at Charters Towers, about 230 kilometres south-west of Townsville.

However, new information from a witness puts Mr Penno-Tompsett’s last known location at a mystery property described as “unique” in Charters Towers.

The witness told detectives the property was on an unsealed road with a red steel fence.

Jayden Penno-Tompsett was not reported missing for four days. Photo: Queensland Police

The witness also said there was a bull skull on a post near a set of yards with silver-coloured fencing.

A house was visible several hundred metres from the road. The unsealed road ran off a bitumen road.

Police have not been able to pinpoint the location of the property and they appealed for locals who may know where it is, or anyone who may have assisted Mr Penno-Tompsett, to come forward.

The witness told police the property was “unique”, according to local newspaper The Northern Miner Charters Towers.

Police believe the Newcastle man may have attended the property on foot or in a Nissan Pulsar sedan bearing NSW plates.

It is possible Mr Penno-Tompsett hitchhiked from Charters Towers and returned to NSW, police said.

The new information comes after police released CCTV images of Mr Penno-Tompsett in a Charters Towers roadhouse.

Queensland police have confirmed they still believe Jayden Penno-Tompsett was last seen in a Charters Towers roadhouse on December 31. Photo: QUEENSLAND POLICE

In the footage, the 22-year-old walks around the roadhouse in a singlet and thongs.

He stretches and looks around the store before walking out again before dawn.

Moments after he walks out, Mr Penno-Tompsett has an argument with a friend – some have told authorities it was over money.

His friend later tells police Mr Penno-Tompsett became enraged and got out of the car and walked off.

They do not report Mr Penno-Tompsett missing until Wednesday – four days after he was last seen.

Police still believe Mr Penno-Tompsett was last seen about 5am on December 31 and his father, Brendan Tompsett, has warned social media users to rely on facts and not suspicions.

A post suggesting Mr Penno-Tompsett was now believed to have been last seen on December 30 – a day earlier than first reported – was wrong, according to police.

“We can’t deal in second-hand information. The best way to help is to tell police what you know so they can deal with the facts,” Mr Tompsett said.

A land and air search on Thursday in a semi-rural area of Charters Towers where Mr Penno-Tompsett was last seen found no trace of him.

Mr Tompsett said his son’s disappearance was gut-wrenching but his family was staying positive.

“He is very much like me and has done a lot of walking,” Mr Tompsett said.

“If Jayden has to walk then he walks, he just does it.

“He has always been a great, little survivor and that is what I am putting my faith in.”

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