Male crew member approaches police about complaint against Craig McLachlan

It appears that it wasn’t just women who were allegedly subjected to actor Craig McLachlan’s inappropriate behaviour.

A male crew member on one of McLachlan’s shows has approached police after a Fairfax Media and ABC investigation revealed that the actor had indecently assaulted and harassed female cast members. The nature of the complaint is not known.

In December actresses Erika Heynatz and Angela Scundi made complaints to Victoria Police alleging that a number of actresses in the 2014 Rocky Horror Show were subjected to McLachlan touching their genitals, groping their breasts, exposing himself and pressing his penis against them.

Some of the inappropriate touching of genitals is alleged to have occurred when the women were on stage performing and McLachlan could not be seen by the audience.

McLachlan, 52, has previously said that “these allegations are ALL made up”. He has also claimed that the women had lied and their motives were “perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety”.

The Gold Logie award-winning actor famous for his starring roles in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Neighbours and Home and Away has since been stood aside from the current production of The Rocky Horror Show, which opened on New Year’s Eve in Adelaide.

Only recently the show’s creator Richard O’Brien said of McLachlan: “If most people went to the lengths Craig does, it would be offensive, but it never is with him. Of course, we have to rein him in occasionally.”

In music legend Ian “Molly” Meldrum’s autobiography Ah Well, Nobody’s Perfect, McLachlan recounted an incident in the late 1990s when Meldrum filled in on Rocky Horror as the narrator.

“I couldn’t help myself this night,” said McLachlan, who explained in the book that he was off stage and the audience couldn’t see him.

Craig McLachlan and his female accusers (clockwise from top left) Angela Scundi, Christie Whelan Browne and Erika Heynatz.

“As Molly was reading his piece, I glided my seven-inch stiletto heel on to the back of his trouser leg. By the time I got to his knee, the audience could see my shoe. I continued up – I located where I imagined his arsehole to be.

“Molly looked down ready to give me a good serve, but I had manipulated my dick out of my G-string and was wildly swinging my member. My stiletto is a good four inches up his arse and I’m whipping my member around.

“I was too much for Molly. He lost it and said, ‘Craig, you are awful to me!’

“‘I’m Frank-N-Furter, you idiot’,” I hissed. “‘If you’re gonna lose it, at least stay in character!'”

In more recent times, McLachlan has played a joke on a male colleague, sources have claimed to Fairfax Media. He would ask them to check to see if there was anything on his shoulder. When they came closer to have a look, he took the opportunity to grab their genitals.

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