Oprah figured out her speech that afternoon

Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globe awards on Monday articulated everything the Time’s Up initiative had been trying to express, and encapsulated what will now be looked upon as an historical moment, when the call for those survivors of sexual misconduct to speak their truth became solidified in a speech.

Winfrey managed, in doing so, to stir audiences globally — most notably, women. The speech, given in response to her acceptance of the Cecile B. De Mille award for lifetime achievement, was part sermon, part call-to-arms, and part State of the Union address.

Winfrey, who managed, as always, to make the political deeply personal, told of her own struggle to see people like her in the public eye, and underscored this childhood longing with an anecdote about her mother, who worked hard cleaning other people’s houses, and the story behind rape survivor, Recy Taylor, before a rousing conclusion about a new day.

Winfrey is now reportedly seriously considering a run for President.

But according to Winfrey’s behind-the-scenes Instagram videos, the speech was not ready until that afternoon.

In a video, shot by who else but her best friend Gayle King, Winfrey tells her partner, Stedman Graham, she’s off to rehearsal. He tells her she looks fantastic, which is exactly why we love Stedman. He then makes the comment, “You’re not even ready yet.”

Winfrey then mumbles something about getting her speech ready.

“She’s going to work on it in the car” offers Gayle.

“I’m going to figure out what I want to say, figure it out,” adds Winfrey, heading out the door with her bag and notes, before turning to show the camera a white paper bag, “I got my lunch! Two boiled eggs!”

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